Alexandra Virina Scott MBE (born 14 October 1984) is an English sports presenter, pundit, and former professional footballer who mostly played as a right-back for Arsenal in the FA WSL

Alex Scott has opened up about her past relationship with fellow former Lionesses star Kelly Smith.

The former Arsenal star details her relationship with Kelly in her new book, How (Not) To Be Strong, describing her former teammate as her “first love”.

Speaking during her An Evening With Alex Scott event to promote the autobiography in London, the sports presenter admitted that she wasn’t sure whether to include details of the relationship in her book.

Former Lioness Alex Scott has opened up about her past relationship with teammate Kelly Smith for the first time.

The footballer, 37, who played alongside Smith for both England and Arsenal, revealed that the 43-year-old was her “first love” as she spoke of the “heartbreak” that followed when they split.

Scott is set to discuss their romance for the first time in her upcoming memoir, How (Not) To Be Strong.

Speaking during a FANE talk in East London, the broadcaster admitted that it would be “cheating” to not include their time together which proved to be pivotal for both their lives.

Kelly smith with her teammate Alex Scott

“I went back and forth on whether I’d actually be writing the chapter,” Alex said at the event (as reported by The Mirror).

“But then it was one of those moments, I’m writing this book and I want to tell everything. I thought I’d be cheating you all if I didn’t put that in there. And for me, it’s like that first love story, I fell madly and deeply in love.

“And yes, there’s that heartbreak and those things, but it’s a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t go back and change that.

“Because that feeling of love and that excitement and what it gives you, it needed to be in there.”

The TV star also recalled how Smith helped her deal with her traumatic childhood while battling alcoholism.

A source for Alex added: “Alex dates both men and women and doesn’t label herself as anything.

“This isn’t her big coming-out story but it was a chapter in her life that she wanted to include in her book because it had such an impact on her.”

After three years Stateside, the sports stars returned to the UK to join the Women’s GB football team at the Olympics in London.

Following their split, Smith found love with wife DeAnna Dobosz, with whom she has two children.

While Scott has kept her love life private, she was reported to be dating Coronation Street’s Sam Robertson in 2020.

In an interview with The Times over the weekend, Alex said she was single but ready to find love again.

“I’ve been single for a while now, and I think that’s because I needed to be,” she told the newspaper.“There were patterns in my relationships that I knew were not healthy. I understand myself more now.”

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