After debuting a parody of Stephen King‘s horror film It titled “Not It” earlier in Season 34, The Simpsons now returns for a Treehouse of Horror XXXIII Halloween special featuring three segments offering special takes on The Babadook and Westworld as well as a full Death Note parody titled “Death Tome.”

Early looks at the Death Note tribute, the second segment of the special, have emerged offering a first look at characters such as Marge and Homer in special anime art styles. So far, the short looks quite promising, featuring impressive animations courtesy of South Korean studio DR Movie, which has worked on productions such as Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Batman (The Animated Series), and Teen Titans.

Beyond the screenshots, a short has also surfaced showing Lisa Simpson as the receiver of the powerful “Death Tome.” Set in a dystopian city mired in pollution, Lisa expresses her frustration with the mess saying, “the human race is 20 cow farts away from total extinction and we deserve it.” With her newfound power, Lisa will likely set off on a journey to fix the world, meeting unforeseen consequences along the way. Teased in the background are anime versions of the twins Sherri and Terri as well as Disco Stu.

The special Treehouse of Horror XXXIII episode airs via FOX stations on October 30, 8PM EST and will stream via Hulu the next day.

The Simpsons often celebrates Halloween each year with the traditional Treehouse of Horror special, but this year was a bit different as Season 34 also released a full episode paying tribute to Stephen King’s famous novel turning multimedia franchise, IT. Not only has this season been one of the best in recent memory (which is part of a trend seen in the last few seasons in particular as the series has found a renewed energy), but this special is also one of the best Halloween specials from the series in quite a long time. You really should find some time to check it out. 

The Simpsons released this new episode, “Not It,” as a “Treehouse of Horror Presents” special that teases we could be getting more stuff like this in the future. Outside of the confines of the usual 7 or so minute time limit for the usual segments, “Not It” is allowed to fully flesh out not only its central parodical premise but the new world of this makeover. It’s such a fun end result as it not only provides the kinds of complete retooling of Springfield that these parodies can have, but is able to tell a fresh, funny, and genuinely exciting story with it. 

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