Veer Mahan, Drew McIntyre & Sanga

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre may have come up short in the United Kingdom against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle, but he is grateful to his fans in India. So much so that he’s assured them that he’ll keep talking to ‘people’ until an Indian show happens.

Drew McIntyre has never been to the country, but he is a massive fan of Indian food. Moreover, he has experienced the love of the WWE Universe hailing from the region and acknowledges their love and support. So much so, that he told yours truly that he plans to have Korma and Pakora following his interview.

Drew McIntyre is clearly making the most of his trip to India! The former WWE Champion took to Twitter to share a photo alongside popular Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan.

Drew McIntyre landed in India immediately following WWE Crown Jewel, and the Scottish Warrior has met some very high-profile personalities during his brief time in the country.

McIntyre believes that if you make enough noise, then something awesome may manifest itself. Case in point, he wanted WWE to visit the United Kingdom for a long time and then, The Scotsman went on to main-event Clash at the Castle. He feels the same could be true for India as well.

As we’ve touched upon before this, McIntyre believes that if you speak it aloud, it will manifest itself. He has been vocal about wanting a match with WWE legend John Cena, something he touched upon in the same interview.

Varun Dhawan is publicly known to be a lifelong pro wrestling fan, and he seems to have caught McIntyre off guard with his knowledge of the business. The SmackDown superstar acknowledged Dhawan as a “legit wrestling fan” and even invited the 35-year-old actor to attend a future WWE event.

The two-time WWE Champion has been an absolute workhorse for the company ever since he returned a few years ago. Drew McIntyre’s most recent match against Karrion Kross happened inside the dreaded Steel cage in the sweltering heat of Saudi Arabia.
The Scottish superstar got the win owing to a controversial finish, and it was later revealed that McIntyre was “extremely sick” during the entire match. Instead of choosing to skip the show due to a wholly valid reason, a stubborn McIntyre insisted on working his match against Kross.

Drew McIntyre vs. John Cena in India? Okay, maybe that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

Which match should main event an Indian Super Show if it happens? Let us know in the comments.

Along with Varun, McIntyre has also shared a photo with Varun on his Instagram. In this photo, he is seen having a conversation with Varun. With this, McIntyre wrote in the caption, ‘Varun Dhawan is a big star of Bollywood and a big fan of wrestling. We talked about business for several hours. I can’t wait for you to appear on the show whether it is in India or the US. It is clear from this caption of McIntyre that he is joining Varun on a project soon.

Earlier, McIntyre also shared a photo of himself with John Abraham. With this, he had given the caption, ‘Big Thing is Coming.’ With this photo, he shared Sony Sports Network and WWE India was tagged. In such a situation, it seems that John, Varun and McIntyre are going to bring something new together.

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