So Deadpool 3 undermined what no one else could even imagine, Wolverine meant to bring Jackman’s Wolverine back to the big screen after a full seven years, but if you look at the two previous Deadpool movies? Looking at the second one, the second one was still a very good budget paper, but till the climax of the first one, whatever Fox had given them, they pulled it up to the climax, because of the budget cut big Guns are not used what was originally planned for Deadpool and! If the billionaire rat is making then our excitement is on a different level Deadpool movie for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

And the experience will happen but in the last few days we have got to hear something that will take the hype of this movie to an even bigger level! Here comes Deadpool 3! tell no lie and big event is going to happen because in this they cast Owen Wilson from Mobius movie, and if that too comes, then it will come! That now time travel will come & he will also come Who ‘KANG THE CONQUEROR’, but if you look seriously at this matter, then all these things actually make max sense because after completing Infinity Saga in Marvel, now The multiverse saga has started and in such a situation Deadpool and Hugh Jackmen’s Logan are the best to come!

But how can it mean in such airs, then by picking up a character, they cannot enter a universe, can they? Can be divided, can be gate, but still if! criteria that make things connect if you look at the post credits scene of Deadpool 2 even a little bit carefully means there is no need to look carefully if you remember then you will understand that there when Deadpool! by using the ‘TIMETRAVEL‘ device, he goes out to do goat chutney throughout the multiverse?

First come Deadpool killed his first alter that’s why the incoming timeline has now changed according to the MCQ time traveling rules and if the timeline is altered Talk about backwards this means people of TVA has become and try to get away the Deadpool so the same logan who with Deadpool In Deadpool 3. I will get them but here is a small catch Hugh jackman is not look younger than before so there is another logan who has played time traveling bald in focus’s explain universe and that guy is expands of future past if you remember, it also goes back in time and changes its actual reality, which means according to the time traveling rules of the MCU, it also gives birth to a new time line, I know that a little It’s conjuring but still will try to understand a little there’s a lot of things confused I know this doesn’t happen in Fox’s experience Actually I changed my reality by going back in time but now it’s all Spider-Man!

By the way, if I change the time traveling rules, then we have to believe that going back in this Wolverine type, whatever was changed in the Days of Future Past actually creates a new timeline and its actual which was future timeline. That’s it! What is the loss because he did it in time so if this Deadpool and this wolverine get together then it will be fun because in deadpool 3 we will get both of them! Running away from TVA And before also someone had said that if I could, I would make a road trip movie with Wolverine and Deadpool? The one who roamed around did only this. There will be same pay and nothing else and don’t know whether it has been heard that these people have cast top adult stunts for this movie, it is not known but think once and see if movie can be like this. Is it People liked it because it was so natural and organic and in this if you Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman too the event means which are multiverses will be very important for it so I am too! so is wandering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this will be the person who will alert the rest of the Super Heroes and Avengers for ‘KANG THE CONQUEROR’ and if Kang playing so cool multiverse Game also and then deadpool’s and i can also be their avengers gang too.

Anyway but here you will get almost confirmation because? Then something among themselves. Deadpool 3 is going to be a very big movie. Got to know and will see lots of big ones. In fact who knows we will se the multiverse of Deadpool like spiderman such as Pandapool , Gwenpool & Gelctiepool yes their is a deadpool in multiverse who own the powers like Gelctus who knows we will see headpool also although it will be a little too dark but You can show different variants of deadpool from comic books Looks like I had a lot of fun inside, I told you now it looks good.

By Vikram

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