Let me tell you in advance that the name of the movie we are going to talk about is ‘Justice league Mortals’ Although the story is written in 2007 and it was done by George Miller, who did fury Road and the rest of Mad Max movies and this Justice League! And if you guys have read then you would know how much epic level is there. For the movie The Cast Members also decided and the rest of costume also decided for the movie if we talk about its cast, then first comes the batman whose role is played by Armie Hammer the one whom we had seen in The lone Ranger, then after this, Superman played by D.J Cotrona, then Adam Brody becomes Flash again. After this, Santiago Cabrera became Aquaman Megan Gale became Wonder Woman, now if I talk about its story, then its story begins in Metro Police With a funeral where a superhero pandal is being held and all the members of the Justice League are present there in their black costumes but Batman is not present in the funeral.

Then the story jumps back 2 days back where we see Batman using a software which monitoring other super heroes.

Batman goes to the party and meets the maxwell in the same party. Maxwell lord this one called planet kripton on the other hand we see martian manhunter who’s in Denver Colorado , and there during some investigation he finds a sea horse in a box, now as he opens this sea horse, he comes to know that someone had a trap and that sea horse sprays something on the martian entrance, due to which His body catches fire, now Martian’s mantle is enraged, setting fire to everything around him, and on the other hand, we see Tari Ellen sitting in a restaurant with Iris, and Martian is interrogated. On hearing the news, he immediately changes in a flash, and reaches her as he reaches Dangar womder Woman!

And put him into a water container, due to which it does not fire again and again, that means whenever it starts coming out of the water, it catches fire again, so that is why they put it in an ordered pending pool, only then super man comes there. He meets the flash for the first time and when he learns that everything happened because of a sea horse, he immediately reaches Atlantis where he meets Aquaman, he tells Aquaman about all those things. what happened and Aquaman tells him that whenever we have asking for help from the ground then no one came to help us and then he shows his prosthetic arm completely made of water but even after this he gets ready to help superman and together with him flash martian amn reaches near the hour while on the other hand we see that batman in gautam try to stop a robbery Who care Isn’t it and that of criminal? fight reaches into the heated battale! He is about to walk, at the same moment he transforms into a big monster type thing and tells his name. Omex now bites and tries to stop this monster but he is just too strong so he is Injuries him quite completely and we feel that Omex will take his life but then someone gives him an order and he stops there and does the same thing.

immediately! batman gose to his software brothers Ai he Accesses but he realize i actually responsible for omex means brother Ai psycho someone has hacked, and now batman doesn’t know who was doing all these things we on the other side jon stewart immediately gets his ring egg! and starts doing destruction, here on the other side in Wonder Woman’s conservatory when Superman but other top!

One Day wonder Woman, Aquaman Everyone is there, robotic mosquito comes and bites Aquaman on the neck, due to which he starts getting hydrophobia means fear of water, in the blink of an eye, he throws his arm out of water. Gives and starts to panic a lot, but by using this arm water, Martian man makes his water shield from it and due to this the fire that was burning in his body again and again stops. Knowing about Steward, Superman and Flash go to New York and after rescuing him all these superheroes reach on Photos of Solenoid Tube and here comes Batman who is so much injured that he has to wear his suit. But they are superheros.

bruce tells them about a program called Exhibition, using which he has been keeping an eye on the other superheroes because he does not trust them and if they ever get out of control, he will exploit their weaknesses. Will be able to stop them and! When he comes near him, he gets a chance and while talking, he falls on the ground, then these other super heroes see the injuries of the back,

which he got from Omax, they ask him what happened to him after all, then he tells that his brother Ai . Someone has hacked, and the situation is very serious, but after that these people slowly start to fix themselves, but only then the Wally (Kid Flash) comes to them, who was studying the product for so long and he tells He has some files inside the Brothers Ai.

and Superman turns on him completely insane. He starts attacking Batman tries to confront him. Superman is electrocuted by picking up two large high tension wires, so he’s stunted for a while.

There was a government project in which robotics and nanotech were used, but going forward it was changed to make psychic super soldiers, meaning such super soldiers who can control anyone’s mind and however many of his subjects The none of them could survive That was the name of Tech! Maxwell lord in Joe! Think this whole! Was it cut because he already did this thing he chased while doing so they reach their cave where they find many more Omaxes and they start attacking them and what can Baruce wayne do before that, maxWell Lord does his First move in which! The world starts becoming omex monsters, now he did nothing, just adulterated all his restaurants and primed them all for Omaxe, and by using his powers, he was turning everyone into monsters. The Wonder Woman and Superman also arrive there to help, but before they can do anything, Maxwell returns and uses his psychic power to overpower Superman

Superman throws Wonder Woman falls off the roof again when she tries to rises and superman throws her in hudson river back on the earth but as it falls into the water! aqueman come and leaves immediately now comes in water like superman looking for wonder women then he finds aquaman all his own! Along with the big monsters, although Superman defeats them too, but they stop him for a while, in the meantime, Maxwell Lord with his brother Ai, how to stop this madness, after all, he says that you do not stop it. Can it?

Wonder Woman make it clear by not doing it? The mana falls and Wonder Woman is about to die for a few seconds when Batman arrives and kills Maxwell by twisting the head,

but this momentum is released that Max has not been killed. He has transferred his psychic consistency to the computer through which it reaches the body of flash and become ultra-Omex it means he is very powerful but at this moment flash regains control of his mind and realizes that if he wants to get rid of Maxwell’s return, he will have to sacrifice himself, he starts running at a very high speed and Then he meets the speed barrier which was signified as a wall of light and as he merges with it, he dies there and finally Maxwell Lord and all those omex monsters end up and then we realization that the starting funeral was meant for Flash and after that all these superheroes meet in Photos of Salute and decide to form a team so that if the world is on big danger like this how to face them, I know that I have elaborated a bit, but even if it is full, then understand, I just want to tell that Justice Leagu i was looking very interesting, I agree that it was not completely perfect, but as I said earlier, its script was yet to be polished, but in 2007, when this thing was to happen, it means that the polishing of the script should be the strike of the Writers Guild of America Gone and after that DC people got the Dark Light means in 2008 Christopher Nolan’s

Dark Knight series came and he will release the film that we don’t need to make Justice League if our one batman is successful then show another batman here If there is no purpose, that’s why! Whatever is the future of this party, all of you have seen it, so overall I just want to say that when I read about the Justice League mortal, I found it very interesting, so I thought that you should know about the movie. About Now what do you think about this whole blog, this whole movie, tell me down in the comments, if you like it, like it, share it.

By Vikram

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