What’s going on brother, everyday there is some setback in the world, sometimes from Marvels, sometimes from DC. Ok, so when James Gunn became the core producer of DC, it seemed that things would go in some good direction, but tomorrow I heard something like what will happen but still there are some things in my mind then start talking one by one.

Starting and there is no confirmation of this but still? The script for “wonder women 3” is ready but they are not in mood for making this movie then after this it is heard that they have not any plans regarding the sequel of Black Adam, No, we are not making it now, after this it is being heard that “Aquaman 2” will be the last Aquaman movie next to Jason Momoa in DC, but there are different plans for them, so let’s talk about each thing one by one. Let’s start, first of all let’s talk about Wonder women 3.

There was going to be a third movie in which the role of Gal Gadot is decided the play script is ready but james gunn lifted the script into the air!!! ah just joking, it has been heard that they scrawled the Patty Jenkins script. They said no, we don’t want to produce Wonder women 3. I Wonder but! I also clear this thing to you that Wonder Woman is a face craft, it does not mean that Gal gadont’s window will also be scraped, it could mean that They want to live on their own! What do you want to bring with you?

All they trying to say its may be that James gunn whatever next plans for dc according to him Patty Jenkins who wrote the script for Wonder Women 3 didn’t fit that’s why he scrapped the movie.

It’s time to celebrate how happy he is with this whole thing, And if he has cancelled, then why should he take it ,Must have set, then it has reached after us, didn’t it happen that they canceled.

There will be a mark and if this thing has happened, then there must have been gal gadot’s too! no on then what is this rumor a day before this thing Unless and until James Gunn is a cold blooded people! After killing everyone, keep them on your feet! If it is garbage, will not do it, then after this there is a plan in the meeting regarding Black Adam 2, so this thing has very obvious reasons, you are also honest, Black Adam did not do very good business, it is being said for technically that 50-100 million has been lost on movie is being considered another flop though Rock brother.

It has been said that brother, I talked to my financiers and got 50-75 million it is not like this, even the first movie of Captain America did a business of 370 million only, so Rock brother , the Cash was made when MCU was not even established and now you have gone far ahead of DCU and the cost of technology and inflation and times have changed sir but anyway what am I trying to do with it.

There can’t be a batman, superman & wonder woman’s pictures are not to be believed!

After this we come to Aquaman 2, it has been heard that DC is now taking away and making a rebooting little bit but, Honestly i think that jason was perfect for aquaman if king look like a badass king then address should be king but let’s see what happens but after this it is also coming to hear that batmen “Ben affleck” is also gone be changed for further bastman movies.

There is a very simple region because This and that! become less Sir tire some ahead! But for the wise! I haven’t come yet, look someone is not speaking so just this thing? The one who has to distribute so much benefit, his future! So it is possible that the head of DC thought to change this guy in this movie! If this thing is not the point! Who I think then come after this on the biggest issue which is super man so it has been heard that the superman of henry cavill who had turned black adam then these people have done very heavy work on man of steel.

Excited and has gone too far to finalize people but does script will be made thinking This means that people are thinking of rebooting Henry Cavill’s Superman as well, meaning that in this way, these people want to completely reboot the Extended Universe of DC and want to bring everything new and all this is going on. My vlog was almost ready, but only then James went to the twitter,

“so there is also a clarification to change that what is going on, he said that whatever you are seeing, you are hearing some of the truth. Some are not true, some are half true and some we haven’t decided ourselves whether it is true or not”.

“When Peter and he came to DC studios, they knew how things were, the stories they wanted to tell. There will be an unavoidable transitional period to tell, meaning a period where people will not like the thing”

In the studio, he decided that the drawbacks of this transistor period were very small in comparison to the opportunities that he could use to keep what he had produced in DC and remove what was not enough. Said that he knows that he cannot do anything to every person but trust him because whatever he is doing in a story! They are in the favor of actors whom we have always liked and in this whole statement, one line is very important, which should be noted that whatever has worked so far in DC, they will build on that and what has not produced. Will fix it, it may possibly mean that people are not in the mood to develop actors but probably theirs break it down so look at this whole thing I’m coming up with next week James Gann and Peter who are going to pitch all these plans to Brothers and then we’ll see how things go from there and I just I will only say that look, change it very very very!! Who knows how to make things into Gunn’s making material from the cast the game is now on existing characters, they have been settled in our hearts and whatever was not there in the piece has been created in such a beautiful way, so I don’t know about you guys but I trust them a lot. Who knows how listening to the fans and they know how much their actors are valued, where was the respect handed if those new actors.

These characters meet! won’t be easy to step in these shoes and get proper with them! Still James Gunn has plans and I don’t think you’ll go for a hard reboot, I Still believe they’d like to portray the same actors as the same characters but there’s a soft reboot we should all be ready for and there’s going to be some character sacrifice Can you decide which one they will be. If you like my vlog, please like, share & comment.

By Vikram

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