James Cameron’s Avatar : the way of water’s VFX are so awesome then the VFX of Avengers Endgame. Now the Movie Way of water, should I sit on the chair, put it in 3ds and settle down. Seeing the movie, it is very well understood that James Cameron has spent a lot of money on the movie, but more than that, it is understood that he made a masterpiece.

In the first we see jake sully and his wife neytiri with thier kids and we explore the pendora. We see what kind of trees are there then how their Trio source, how they produce everything and its navel which is romantic, how people’s are living in the forest, but the movie also explore the sea where the people as well as transforms which means those who live on the sea do fishing and it seems very easy to breath in water as well. If they live in water then their body’s morphology has completely changed to live on water.

Only! Not the people, the wild life, the food and drink, the rituals of those people every single thing is different, and all these small things, the use of avatars, provide even more depth to the universe of water, then its. After that as I said earlier also that movie is a visual masterpiece , if you wear those 3D glasses while sitting in the theatre, then you feel that you have reached the world of Avatar and like in the first part the whole jungle was jungle, then in this one When you go inside the water, all the underwater shots are there you feel that they are really inside the water and the whole world has been given a very lovely clarity with a sense of realism.

You are planting saplings brother, I am not kidding, and then after that in the night! things like we saw in the first part also that things under water are illuminated, so they are very fond of things. Once again but if you guys have seen Avatar one then from that we all have Complaint about the Movie Story that Wasn’t have any content and if you’re going into Avatar 2 thinking that the story won’t tell you, you’ll get to see something good! That’s where the movie goes!

Character’s have also been explored very well, we have already given Mr. and Mrs. Sully in the previous part, but after this all the children she has are in this! An attempt has been made to take a personal test with each child of the movie which is actually full of meaning what emotions the children are doing, what they are doing with them, whatever happens to anyone. If we do, then we feel the whole thing from inside, and if an animal love thing is also included in it, then for such animal lovers a very interesting thing comes, then after this if we talk about the VFX of the movie, then I told you first.

Where the movie is too gorgeous and that means you get lost! Experience like my flight time! at some place! Salty consisting it seemed to me that Acts have been made which I did not complete in the first movie when I saw it was so small that I could not analyze it. I took all the flowers once!

One it’s fake and it’s made like this but apart from that as visual as water inside water a thing out of every new location is so gorgeous if you compare it with the first part! Still, the facial expressions of the characters have been improved because in this part you can feel the frustration, happiness, sadness, pain, everything on their faces, but still if good and Bad thing is both have to be treated so first let’s start with good things then look Universe is very beautiful and its 3D VFX is ​​very gorgeous brother means it’s fun then after that James Cameron has done a very nice way They are trying to build their own universe, and seeing this you can understand what is to come, how the story is being built, who is fitting where, how is it all fun to see. Comes and leaves some questions too, then movie relation after this.

We talk about the movie family, how the family should always stay together and what is good in life and what is bad. Then after that movie The background score is also decent meaning are quite similar to avtar one and later the movie! felt good to me then after this there are some feminine moments in the movie inside the water Which is a lot of fun and the way the aquatic plant life there, the underwater location, the lighting has been done there, so where is the praise, then after that the villain of the movie, that too something to remember. The one thing is like you will always remember the villain in Avatar one, so there is some meaning in this part too, you will remember it, although no, I will not say that even asking this is too bad. The villain is at low level rather then the first part Will give him full fun but its! not much after that first of all the story seemed like a weak point because Jack Sully’s movie time getting a little predictable If the hour is 10-15 minutes then it means movie! you feel full, not tight means you will not feel as if you don’t know even a second and not even a minute, the movie is long and you feel that one is also long!

I would like to say Avatar: the way water is all about visuals, this movie is very beautiful when you sit on the seat and put it on 3D, then you get lost in its world and seeing this, it is understood that James Cameron The story of how much you have focused on your world building, is more level if you see them you connect with them you are able to relate and that whole thing is fun to watch, we believe 3 hours 10 minutes runtime! Some people may find it a bit long but Pandora’s world is there and if you go with your family to watch it, it means nothing but fun!

Go see it with your family! Experience is a too Awesome I look Movie is going to be seen if you are not watching it in the theater and are waiting for it to come in OTT then trust me you are missing out some exiting things.

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By Vikram

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