Don’t know friend, today something strange is happening, because on this segment on this vlog we generally cover cheap nulled news, etc., but this time the news is so disappointing that it It would not be right to cover, but we will talk about it further, let’s start with black adam.

Black Adam has made a very bad loss, but then Rock brother came out, he talk to financier and they said that brother, we have made a profit of 50 to 75 million. Got such a picture leaked like such a chart sheet.

Yes, there is profit, there is profit, but now it is being heard that it was all fake, but Rock brother has nothing to do with this whole thing, the new resistructuring of DC has started, he thought that he is going to black adaM amd announce his second movie but looks like james gone do a hard reboot for DC universe where we don’t know any batman or superman and for black adam is a far away thing.

That’s why rock unfollow warner brothers from instagram and rock said Yes, I am going to leave DC and change every aspect of red notice.

let’s talk about Michael Keaton’s cancellation of batman movie or batman beyond.

I have a feeling that the movie was actually going to be a part time bond, and really it has a lot of fans, so if this movie was made in which how many Michael would be there, it would have been interesting to see Batman but movie cancel and become one more thing and that’s Walter Hamada’s plans who actually initially thought it was Henry Cavill’s The movie with the crisis event of Superman that which would have been a window of DC’s Avengers Endgame level. In that, you and people were very happy to hear this plan about the Henry cavill’s Superman, but then people were released after so many years. Then after that, in the last 8-10 years, he is seen in a movie, then it is fan service and nothing else, and he does not do justice to the character, but whatever they did Come on they’re all over except. There was also a leaked news in DC for JoKar Part 2.

If you guys are thinking then there is too much time for new movie also on its pre production stage then people just to tease like this they released miss and nothing else after that big issues If we talk to you, a few days ago someone from Games said on Twitter that brother, we have been hearing something like this, do you want to bring Robert Pattinson’s Batman and his universe to DC Continuity? James He clearly refused to do this, he said that there is nothing like that, that universe will remain standalone by itself and it probably has no connection with DC’s Continuity, which means he said absolutely confirmed.

After that we hear a heart broking news that henry only superman he will not come back he gave confirmation about this thing he told that he want to start dc once again in a new way and whatever his plans are henry Cavill’s Superman doesn’t fit in and that’s why he and we all have to say goodbye to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Now Ahead It Sound! Fresh still doesn’t digest this thing means it’s very difficult for me to understand this thing means the more I think about this thing the more I fall into the pit and I don’t find this thing so bad As it seems, if our rock brother don’t pick them up and return them to Black Adam, that means what happened to us?

Earlier he used to do it perfectly, then we got hope, then we got very strong hope, brother Henry only came and gave interviews, everywhere he said that he has come back, posted on his Instagram and now we are hearing that he will not continue as superman. I am telling the truth I am a fan of his (James Gunn) film making and I don’t really understand I am active with him if I see things! So their decision is right because everything has become so messy that now there is no other option but to start things in new way need to go for a hard reboot, So if henry cavill’s superman is gone then probably right now look dc is giving a hard reboot new characters and what i said a while ago i was completely wrong that they are going to keep the characters because James tweet The same meaning was coming out from what was done that those people will keep the things which have been released and will remove those things which have not been released. so they replace and this is going to be hard reboot whether you like it or not we have no choice they are trying to start a completely new universe and it sounds like henry’s tricks in the flash movie and its sleep is completely ready and very excited for the future so in January we will get to hear something new news in January we will announce our plans and for now they are writing Superman movie!

We will be shown the new universe from the perspective of a young superman and look i am not happy about this thing but yes i belive in james gunn i know he will do the right thing with less and Somewhere we need a Collective Universe because DC Universe has too much potential so I just hope. Make a mess and whatever! We have invested so much in so many years, it should not go waste, but this is the thing in life!

don’t accept properly, I am hopeful it will happen in a short Slowly and in January, I am excited about whatever future James Gunn announces for DC, after that we will actually get the clarity of future that what will happen and what will not happen and then we will talk more on this thing.

By Vikram

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