So if we look carefully and think about it, then the trailer of “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume ” show us much but it does what it has to do, which means it should leave an impression on us that the movie will be the last for someone and our tears not going to stop but at the same time there are some such questions which still leave our mind, so let’s start looking at them one by one then first of all about Gamora in it, let’s talk, so basically we are in infinity war it’s the one that was brought back with Thanos in Avengers Endgame, and the last time we saw it, Peter’s grapes were shot and Peter’s manhood Without doubting, I would just like to say that the chances are less in the next make that we will get to see Gamoter’s children, Gamoter must have understood why can’t it be Gamora and Peter when Virat and Anushka’s Virushka, just joking around you understand the point is that after all

This Gamora now How is it because Tony had cleaned Thanos and his whole army by pinching, so as far as I think, if Thanos pinched, he must have said in his man that brother, I want the population of half the universe clean and Then when! Thanos and all his companions disappear and if you remember that sequence a little bit, then there is something like that Gamora says to her father that no father, I will not be with you anymore. She does not say that she has chosen a different path, but if she would have rebelled, then technically she was on time, not her father’s part.

Is it written as convenient story telling means the writers wanted Gamora to stay at the universe and if you are wondering then behind it was her destiny to travel time, so the same Gamora to come here was her destiny because then Gamoter as much as I am speaking, I mean that, understand the meaning of summer.

What will be the timeline means Marvels Cinematic Universe is coming after Thor love and Thunder, where does the technical fit in so look, after Avengers Endgame, we saw Guardians in only one picture and that was Thor Love and Thunder and in that too two parts of starting minutes After that they fly away except for thor’s treatment which i think they did very well personally i think if more time was left with it then this picture could have become boring too but i don’t know there games from some time before you anyone from Which timeline does it take place on its own, so it was meant to be changed. It is a picture long after thor love and Thunder. Actually, Thor love and Thunder doesn’t last long after Avengers Endgame. Guardians and with each other for a very short time.

For the Thor has lost so much weight in so few weeks, not in a few weeks aside from being awesome. The result is very interesting that after all this movie. Villain of the movie High Evolutionary,

he was a worm to do genetic experiments, and his genetic experiments go so top knot that he starts converting animals into humans, and they are called humanoid means they are animals like humans And to keep them he creates a different earth called counter earth. Alright so I’m going to put my very dangerous type mind here if you look at the starting shot of all the Guardians lots of shorts like this trailer where rocket is absent then maybe they go to find rocket and they will come to know that rocket means where he was born? If he reaches here, he will be relieved that even now! going on because next in the trailer we see Star Lord jumping from a big red colored building.

He is running the whole planet and after reaching here he feels that brother, he is running very dirty and dirty. High evolutionary actually! I was looking at heroine, after that these people are probably going to go there am I this low The purpose of this is bigger and because it is not so good, then try to stop the Guardians, Trying to stop rocket and the Guardians try to find the rocket then after this comes our most and last question finally whose death is going to happen in this movie who will be the one who will be responsible for making us cry? After watching this entire trailer, it is very clearly understood that someone is gone be dead. Dave also said that the film will be the finale and after that they obviously will not be able to produce on this Marvel movie. Because james gunn has gone to DC, in this way he has finished his trilogy, the character shown by Arc Studio will end in this movie and even after watching the trailer of this movie, it seems like a finale type thing.

If so understands that his origin story will be shown, after that what will happen to it we will understand it and mean in one way in this movie it may be about which the movie is based and there is a general trend in Hollywood movies that whenever a movie revolves around a character, he is shown his character, he does not get placed in the picture, the best example of this is Harry Potter. And the Half Blood Prince I understand that I was pregenetic to Voldemort but if you notice harry has the most he stays with harry as compared to all other old novels and his last one means so much things don’t look right for the rocket plus Where should I keep the rocket, it is not visible properly, means the knowledgeable is visible properly, it is not visible at all.

If you see rocket meet his first love Laila.

Makers Revolves on tracks and has a simple and sober reason that drax have completed their character asteria in Marvel Cinematic Universe now drax only serves comedy which makes us laugh and nothing else but that doesn’t mean that Emotions are attached to you but you are attached to me, I am just saying that his story is complete, he had to take his revenge from the Thanos, which he could not take on a personal level, but still took it in another way. If he is killed, then it is over and the test itself has also said that this will be the last appearance in the cinematic universe means when the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy was wrapped, he said that it was very emotional for him, it was a very hard feeling and now he will not come back again, so there can be no bigger hint than this, but Along with this, James Gunn also gave a hint and he said that his last shot of the guardian was very simple, he showed them the rocket with crackling in the short, then removed the rocket from there in the next shot. Had to take it, is it also a force shadowing, I don’t know, all these people keep on enjoying themselves and it can happen with fun that either of these two can deal with no starlord also because see the trailer.

Death is being foreshadowed, so there are very high chances that it will not happen, it means that we know that Marvel people show something and show something else, then showing the death of the rocket, they have returned, no don’t do this. Starlord is important means technical, He got his love and then after getting connected again or has he not met again yet with Gamora so won’t kill. I don’t mind and Starlord just got to know about Mantis so he won’t die yet, won’t die, won’t die, but every video! look basically this happens in comic books too brother drax has died now in make and marvel comics there is a lot of difference that drax have original difference where as in make hey marvel over there is a combination, after whose entire family is finished. His name in earth is dugglers, whose concept is a bit different because his soul moves into drax’s body but in coming books also it automatically used for greater foot Who has been sacrificed there was a comic book series called Infinity Wars in which Gamora eats less than Thanos means half reverse? She actually doesn’t clear it, she makes a whole universe separately, different characters combine and make new ones, so basically what happens is that it is decreasing, it decreases and when in the end all these things have to be corrected. If Drax sacrifices himself to open the portal, then he is dead, but It is a little different in the comic book in which the origin of the rocket was shown, in fact he has almost filled it in the comic book, we all know that there have been many experiments inside him, artificial things have been applied to him, so all the equipment’s of him It happens, doesn’t it go ahead and his body starts rejecting all of them and than the body starts rotting, then rocket hides itself, then groot to the crude and finds it, then tells that this happened to me, then its original is shown, although that there are always chances to see the death of the drax’s and second number is Rocket or also both.

Please just don’t break our heart again and again and what do you think about all these things don’t forget to comment.

Watch the Trailer below

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