So one day James Gunn set the mood and dreams of many fans were shattered means literally sleepless nights, we don’t even know in which matter the plans we had made for Henry Cavill’s Superman are lying but with this James Gunn has also said that he is going to announce the first project very soon in January, whatever will be the future plans and what will happen? but because prediction is my second job that’s why I thought the elders come and make predictions, at least pay as much as you can.

The biggest confirmation is that Superman Movie has confirmed that Henry Cavill will no longer play the role of Superman and that he himself will be a new one. Superman including a new younger superman in his daily plant Will get it and apart from this, we do not know anything, so let’s talk a little about it, then in this case, it may happen that the most popular story of Superman’s initial stages, Superman Man of Tomorrow can adopt it but because you want to keep this man of steel henry cavill’s superman movie separate, then we will not get to see those characters like general store or clark’s father i.e. not jonathan who is the real father. James Gunn is basically make a superman on his own level.

He also have made if you guys have seen the new one then go see it. If you want to do this movie but I will not be a villain in this movie, I will not list the villain created by Luther, but type in the comment box that Metallo,

Parasite has created these types of things too, they are very strong and Gives a good fight to superman, may be amazing too.

In its villains much speaking of which can be villain of movie should be lobo.

So basically the one that people have access to in DC Comics, he is the most badass anti hero, he calls himself a man in the D, sits on a bike, always smoke his cigar, and what did I tell you that he’s an alien, which means that his bike is in space too, So as far as I think, one thing is confirmed somewhere in my mind that along with Superman’s solo movie we can either get to see the announcement of the lobo’s movie or the lobo inside superman movie who will be the villain in it. Oh and there are very high chances that Jason Momoa will play the role of lobo.

But apart from this the announcement of the movie we can get to hear is Wonder Women Probably Gal Gadot will also be recast in Wonder Women’s movie New Wonder women will not be seen in a new universe. And thinking of Gal gadot yeh we love her role in Wonder Women but we don’t choose whom to love. It was a joke again, you will probably replace them with this group and see, there are many villains in the story of Wonder Women. Also could be some mention Cheetah or maxwell lord see separate and origin story is not going to happen after that James Gunn had also said that which dc universe want to give a pot latte that’s why pay attention to the characters in which plastic man comes first see DC has a very cool superhero and as powerful as it sounds. It is plastic, it can stretch itself, stretch it, but it is much more than its Big means big! He also Defeat some big villains!

Not a Plastic Man movie but maybe one. It is sealed and tell me personally for a plastic man only this much can become a fan, means like the people of Marvel introduced a small character like Antman and they made him such an integral part of such a big event like Avengers Endgame, then people can introduce Plastic Man in the same way. You can create a part of your universe and whatever big event you have, a very important part can play in it and other small characters.

May be now people who don’t know very much then all these names must be looking latin to greek who is listening latin i am speaking latin .

Then their is booster gold basically exist in dc comics a quite significant arrives and has the power to travel in time, so it significantly alters reality at the time of arrival, but at the same time it is quite interesting and do you know the best thing. He’s a badass friend of bluebettle. Who know we see him in blue beetle up next year.

So if these guys don’t develop Blue Beetle then they have a very good chance to combine it with booster gold and show a super hero team up movie because Frankly speaking literally, James Gunn would like to capitalize on this and introduce Booster Gold early in his universe as it can bring about the concept of time travel and yes, as far as I think, Booster Gold too and Plastic Man would both be origin stories! Because many people don’t know it is very important to establish a foundation, then after that the thing that I think has very high chances is the Green Lantern movie and now it has not developed, you should not even talk about Ryan Reynolds Till the green lantern, the movie was so great that even today I still have nightmares if you sleep after seeing it and I am very much of Sir’s opinion and Reynolds itself should also be recast.

After all where can we find the proper lanterns. Will get these Yellow Lanterns Red Lanterns will keep selling for this and who knows if we get to see John Stewart instead, if you guys don’t know, then in comic books and in the animated show of Justice League Unlimited, John Stewart’s Green Lantern was also there. He’s More popular plus after doing this James also confirm that the new cinematic universe of DC is establishing will have very heavy inspiration & strong from Justice League Unlimited and from Young Justice if you haven’t seen both animated shows then I am telling you a lot If you can tolerate then green lantern movie wood make a perfect sense because if you are making your justice league team then it is very important to replace green lantern in it now. You can decide in the comment section then After this, if we are watching Aquaman Man’s movie at the end of next year itself.

Will get to see another Aquaman movie however including all the projects I am talking about, superman so their starting not before 2025 even if they introduce very soon then they will get to see their first movie in 2025 which woold place wonder woman ,green lanter and the rest! mean as far back as 2026-27, then in this case you do it because Aquaman Evolution too Yes, this is the best chance to introduce them to the new world, to get them done in the new picture of Wonder Woman, then there will be a little chemistry between them, if such chemistry is to be done, then it will also happen and very comfortably in the middle of Atlantis. You can show a fight like we saw in wakanda Forever and it comes after all New movie of batman and its very simple reason that batman’s solo movie is coming if these people also have to introduce on movie of batman then they will probably make the team up movie no not like batman vs superman no i think the reason for not getting Batman vs Superman done is because Batman would make a Superman team up movie like It may be that we will not get to see the origin story of Batman even if it is on the line, it has been without Dan. After that means after you came in the part of Batman, they said to Matrix, should you finish your movie in two years, then let us sit till 2026-27, when the universe with pattinson is completed. The ones in this have a lot to do with introducing a Batman in their universe!

And! Those people together two-two can also play batman movie for one year with robert pattinson coming next year with his own sitar Looks like people have said that even Black Adam will not be a part of their phase, so maybe they will hold on to turnip and what do you think about all the other characters, don’t forget to tell me in the comments.

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