I have come to you to welcome you in a new year with a new haircut because today I am going to tell you all that we will see in 2023 and because there is a lot of material so start it quickly.

So first of all the HBO show The last of us. The last of us if you guys don’t know basically their was a Sony’s game which is a post populistic deals in the world where zombie out break held. Their are two main characters where first is Joel played by Pedro Pascal and the second is Ellie played by Bella ramsey if you guys don’t know anything then this girl is in game of thrones where she Totally defeated a giant. Some Badass is going to happen and it will start from 15th of January and after that


It is going to end on 17th February Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania for which I am personally very excited because probably after Avengers Endgame and we get Lucky if we get marble too much interest the biggest villain will be Kang the destroyer again moving and

Marvel’s secret invasion should also air sometime in the meantime though ours. No, but it has been heard that it can drop anytime from man to make,

there will be total six episodes, its trailer has also been seen, so it means it will be fun, but if we go to watch march The first thing we will see in Totally Bang is

Shazam 2 Fury of the Gods on 17th March and although James Gunn has put a big stamp on the plans of the DCU we will get to know what is going to happen in the starting of the January and after that Only we will know that whatever movie? hasn’t started coming but still there is a movie so you are telling and like turnip brother will go next week on 24th march Jhon Wick chapter 4.

On 24th March which will start the fourth chapter Universe also goes to expand and its recent trailer came very badass it seemed very big again after that on 7th april mario bros in which chris pratt has givin the voice for mario and I liked the response personally.

More for the Cinematic Universe our Guardians too but not much trouble. On 19th may Fast & Furious! X is named in which wing is not kidding brother it quarter quartered half hollywood got on picture.

Recently it was heard that although the character of Gal gadot has appeared in four-five films earlier, what I’m saying, and as soon as he leaves, that means on

June 2nd, Spider-Man will go across the Spiderverse is his animated movie whose trailer was released recently and actually doing multiverse and what will happen that we are going to see in this picture because so much and if you don’t know, then I am telling you that it will actually be in two parts, Across the worlds and the sequel of which will be called Beyond the spiderverse so we are going to see a lot of Spiderman and brother June is literally a garden, no, I’m not kidding.

Releasing next week on June 9, Transformers: Rise of the Best Whose! You can call pitching in the cheap language of transformers as maximals. It has its own King Kong, its own Cheeta, its own Eagle nothing will go and after some time it is going to be released on June 23, The Flash,

Quite excited because in this Will also get to see the concept of Powell’s Multiverse! with batman returning after so many years also I’ve always had one i’m not 100% on board with michael keaton’s batman but yet it may also be the last appearance of Ben affleck’s Batman so if you don’t have his cameo cut from then after this Next Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny are not going to end here because marvel should release loki season 2 Which I guess between July or August?

Hare episode will come a week like first season came and we will also get to see its trailer in some time and when June is so excited then how can july sit calm then on 14th july Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part one

means part of seventh part one or 7.1 then its second part will be dead reckoning two and tom cruise who jumped from the plane car likes to promote the release of his movie, so he recently promoted this movie Behind the seen the cut scene he jumped six times from a hill. Then on which July our Nolan sir’s Oppenheimer will come, which is heavy with high star cast, recently also got to see a trailer, it will be basically a biopic, which will be a nuclear bomb pre creator open Will talk about Oppenheimer.

On July 28 The marvels in this we see our Carol i.e. captain marvel, kamla khan i.e. miss marvel, Monica Rambeau i.e. she is not a marvel. All the story will team work together and defeat the bad people that will be understood after watching the trailer but for now on paper Whose short teaser was also going to be seen, forgot about it! will actually be in the movie what i think is going to be a very over the

top funny type of movie but still got to hear Let’s Go Barbie Ba A throughout the day so I am going to watch First Day First Show in theaters followed by Tapke’s

Next DC movie Blue Battle on 18th August and see Blue Beetle is one of the very underrated super heroes whose Many people may not know about I am very sir, but as the material will come, we will talk about it and I feel if reboot is not happened with the movie means blue beetle remains in future. I am personally excited for this, but along with this It is also possible that Marvel will release its next show Iron Heart

whose release date is now 2023, it may be that its six episodes start dropping one week at a time in the meantime Means I am talking about September and October and see, I was not excited about it, but now it has become a little bit because from somewhere such a pigeon has said that in this What did you say? Map! Understood, they are going to come to Spider-Man Universe’s Kraven the Hunter to be released in which Pietro Maximoff will play who taking bullets as Quick Silver and most probably, he will be the one who setup the creative universe of Sony’s Spider-Man trying to do morbiors ,venom, vulture with these people so kraven will also be part of the same it probably and the hunter who is very famous villain of spider-man will have his origin story .

After that dune part 2 whose part one is going to come If it is not complete, I would like to comment if you see it, both parts are together, then after this we have come to the end of the year, now only one show of Marble is left, Agatha: Coven of Chaos,

so that too In the meantime it may drop anytime, maybe these people will try to target it around Halloween, means around October end and November because it is ghostly and of such magicians, so it means it will be targeted around Halloween.

Does it because something Some people have picked up the team in early 2024, then GTA covered off and there will be a show which if not deleted will complete the whole plan of Marvel for this year and this year will be finally completed on Christmas means 25th of December The app to be released will finally hopefully release on 25th December with Aquaman the lost Kingdom and Get the clarity of James and even more things will go.

Man! After all, maybe after this he will play a bigger role in the DCU! What am I personally most excited for in 2023 There are some honorable mentions too so let’s talk about them first of all Saw-X part of saw is about to come if you guys are cool then this franchise is still alive then like fast together it has taken hollywood The picture has already taken half of Hollywood’s Waitrons, the fourth part of the Expendables is coming, then there is a prequel of hunger games, after that will , teen wolf 3 movies, so now 25th

The Exorcist will come Without Being Sad we end this vlog here Which movie and which show are you more excited than comment.

By Vikram

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