I am talking about something else tell me one thing, this trailer was of Ant-Man, not of Avengers, I am not kidding, if you guys had seen the trailer of Ant-Man and The Wasp quantumania, then Goosebumps level poop bro Marvel enjoyed all the fun today! But of many things it is about to sit relax bring your tea, coffee breakfast water food one sit down because you are going to get today.

I am already telling its knowledge and loss, I have not even seen the picture but still it can be potential because the trailer will be breakdown though! go ahead and leave, although there is a breakdown, but the trailer will have more questions than the answers! See in the trailer the demand something like this is going to happen as far. He craves for it and Kang the destroyer, we take advantage of the same thing, we start In some shot we can see scott and Kang’s voice in the background saying you are not interesting to meat your daughter but u lack one thing and that is but i can give u that cause i have the power of time as far as I am concerned!

So because Scott was a criminal in the beginning, then he was in jail, then after that he became an Avenger, then he could not spend much time with his daughter, Cassie, because of the fact that he could not spend much time with his daughter Cassie. What kind of childhood did he miss out on, then she have grown up, that means he misses things a lot, then the Kang wants to take advantage of him and capitalize on things, and will tell him that if you bring this thing to me Will give something like time travel type thing that he wants then he will tell Scott that if you bring this thing to me, then in return I will send you back in time or send you to a parallel timeline or other He will send it to the universe means by giving something like this, he will try to trap someone and then let us see the rest pulls over then takes Cassie as hostage then talks through with Scott now let me clear you up here first that Kang is what he actually means in the Human Being comic books what his real name is Nathaniel Richards happens to be okay so basically what is this a normal human being who actually wears a full suit and boots and the helmet and all these things are just toned down with tricks, the reason behind this is very simple because from time to time And one has to fight with the time stream like this, that’s why it is so heavy that the super helmet is worn by the Kang, but there is a lot of interest here!

When you pause at the right time, you realize that his eyes also glow with blue color when he retracts his helmet, so is it possible that all this is regulated by his eyes, then in the next shot Kang Now I don’t know whether this is actually a city growth list or not, and I will explain to you the logical reason behind this, what is it that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this thing has been explained to us that the Kang’s Different variants are roaming in the mcu ok this guy accesses in quantum rail apart from this there are other variants which must exist in other time lines or other reality now it has its own city which is like that Which other variants!

May be there are other variants of this as well Keep talking but only in comic books If you see one, then like this! Hey sir, if you try to mix it with comic book, then don’t do it, it doesn’t look like police, but what is chronologist, why is it, how is it, we will talk about it in a separate vlog, it is wrong in itself, brother. So?

Cool but still if you try to see this whole design in detail then its structure again ring like means like this ring ring is made and I have talked earlier also about bearings? Frankie Bangles has garden connection ahead in trailer Janet comes too and tell scott don’t believe him coz He used to write that he can break time, he can make variants of people, he can break universal, this reality.

Everything was already known but even more interesting thing is that before avengers endgame in this reality means was hanged in quantum rail which means that he knew all these things before avengers endgame which means that in alternate reality its The concept existed here before Avengers Endgame had written all the things, that’s why it was the concept of a singular timeline, so I would say that but about that Nobody knew how Janet knew you solved complex nine, but the shot after that is pretty interesting because we see a variant of Scott coming out from inside. He (kang) is flexing the power, he is telling this call that what can I do, then Kang is giving some powers to Scott, so that whatever theft Scott has to do has to be booked for the Kang. He does fine powers and we can see Scott doing the same powers when he climbs on top of a cliff like ants. Ant-man and how they climb on top of each other which leads to a pot bursting competition and also climbing up to achieve something like this because literally we can see such Ant-man helmets over here and inside this ring structure what is this shiny shiny thing i didn’t understand but if If you pay attention to the writing on these rings, the writing is very similar to the writing on the Shang-chi rings and the internals, at this Point the Connection is too obvious have happened brother but the shot after this is very good because we have a lot! In the short itself we can see Scott what is behind him how is he behind him there are two gaurds of the Kang who are wearing such helmets we cannot see their face but there is a new doubt behind it now people who have read the comic You must have read the books, you must know who it is.

It’s M.O.D.O.K who is working with A.I.M You guys must have seen in Iron Man 3, this is the same organization which was created in comic books, their origin is a bit different, and I am very sorry sir, going forward in it will be changed a bit, so if you see this shot If you look a little carefully, then you will find this beautiful little shining face sexy best known familiar and it is none other than Darren Cross, the villain of Ant Man one, whose role was played by Corey Stoll and once again. He has returned, got confirmation for his role, now he is basically a very famous villain of Marble Comics.

does and UPIL will do so how it replaces see and literally starts doing tomorrow comes out wearing a mask, but at the same time, if you look at the short carefully, the platform where Kang is taking him is broken from the front, so most probably this is a very important location because where Standing on there’s a golden glow down there then after that the thing that Scott went to achieve there’s also a golden glow so what It is big, it is related to Golden Glow, brother, look, I do not know what he wants, neither I nor my own people know what Kang has to achieve, but whatever he is golden, who understands the golden thing for everyone but in life Who should help Kang get out of this quantum rail and come into the universe because it seems that this guy has been stuck here for a long time and he needs something to get out of it, who is doing the reverse and like I said before it may be related to hot of forever who runs its city no police in comic books I am not sir mean I like this little guest book I am doing nothing much here.

Moving to another shot in which action action is seen and the Ant-man they are being beaten for a long time but one interesting thing is also known that the suit of the Kang is broken and if you think that there are some small things then This is not the case, actually in the comic books, the Kang’s suit is very durable, very strong, the time volt rails the time schemes, so if the suit breaks, there must have been some big scandal with it, and this made it much more Gives me if his suit is broken.

His power can not do him and that is why he is doing hand to hand combat with Scott but don’t get me wrong if he is doing hand to hand combat then he is very expert in hand to hand combat which you can see He gave Scott less crew but if you guys notice! No, let me point out that if his suit is broken, does it mean that he is vulnerable and if he is vulnerable, does that mean And yes what will you be the same we all are thinking that Scott will die in this picture Scott will die but I think Kang will die in this picture because he is the villain of this picture and we know that his How many variants are roaming in this whole multiverse, in every movie we can see Kang and nothing can be more terrifying than this that after his death, he will be seen somewhere else in another variant. Which has no end, how much will you kill it, after working so hard, you killed one, after that 10 dried up and one continues to be more dangerous than the other, what do you have to say about this whole thing, tell me in the comments, friend, if you like the vlog don’t forget to share.

Here Watch the trailer below

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