So in this whole week everyone has grabbed our attention so their was Jason momoa and ant-man and the wasp quantumania’s script or in the other hand invincible teaser. James gunn has been talking since whole month so he didn’t do anything new this whole week. So let’s start with our very first news that is Netflix, Netflix people released their little reel in which they have released 2023 and Tell all the projects that are there and there are some movies about which I will tell you, first of all comes our Rebel Moon, which is being done very highland ACP, we get to see its release date.

I think i see six slow motion shot in the trailer so zack snyder giving us slow motion in space also and its release date is 22nd December which is probably going to clash with sequel of aquaman but its Along with this, he has dropped some posters etc. about this movie, due to which we get to know about some of the characters of this movie. I am excited about Rebel Moon because whatever Jack Snyder makes me enjoy and then the next in Netflix is Extraction 2.

I liked the action of the extraction one very much because it is very raw full of action very one shot very smooth action sequences are seen, there is no job at all and although in this trailer there is a lot of extraction Didn’t get to see about you but very short sequences and what I got to see in this too was very funny and builds high for the movie then after this the third movie

I had gal gadot and Alia Bhatt’s Heart of Stone has a release date of 11th August, which means we won’t know until we see more about it, then after doing that in marvels which is going to be our disbandment in marvel cinematic universe and towards Agatha: Coven of Chaos where joe locke post a photo from the set which means next we will see the shooting has started so those who are thinking that show will be discontinued they can now sit a bit peacefully.

Meanwhile their is another movie announcement Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

That recent and mean trailer is well and it very interesting to see but I am not too excited yet but the trailer is out was going to go and see, then the invisibles come after this and put a teasar or don’t know what will you call it, you can say it is basically an announcement trailer or an announcement, so when I came to know about it, I was very excited and people don’t know about it man if you haven’t seen the new podcast, then please and Even if the change is here we thought, let’s produce it, let’s react together, we all sitting at my house started reacting together and I said because my Animation and Amines to I was so scriptural I was feeling that people will not tell much about this jump be but brother I saw that it is of two minutes so I said how did you make it two minutes brother but it started with a conversation of a restaurant After being there, I am doing it. The bike that was cut was cut because its end seems to know this all i’m a big fan of invincible season one. And their is comic where invincible and spider-man Collab.

Back to the story scrolling on the phone then it’s a small box of comic book so some fan went out and posted it and internet is going crazy about it by then but i don’t think something like this will be official. Let’s say and see all know that they will never let Spider-Man near the Amazon Not even for this second, if it were to happen, it would be fun, then after this another very strange news was heard and it is about Venom 3. It was heard that eddie brock has got involved in the plot of venom 3. It will be known that he has to kill Peter Parker, but it is known that Peter Parker, who will be basically a 5-year-old child, will allow him to die, due to which there will be a conflict between the venom and eddie and this will end in disaster now i don’t know if there is official plot or not but if it is official plot then i think venom and eddie how many things are locked let go of date products apart from this i have a good news and that is that the filling of Blade is finally going to start on 30th of this year it has been heard that technical its filming is past! In the year, people above us sat on the bill side of Topi Master, they were not happy with the script at all, so they completely scrapped it, then a new director was brought in and everything script was written and finally the filming would start. Probably!

next or next you can see next year hopefully soon because you are excited for the blade.

I will bring characters according to my own with whom I am comfortable to act now see personally! I don’t want to but far from judging us! When the heart spoke, it meant it! So a walking halter! What can you say? will announce some parts of let now literally last six days! I would then talk a little bit about DC after this, then we will get to see new posters of Shazam Movie shazam fury of the gods and it is being heard that its new trailer will also be released sometime in this week, maybe anytime. Parentally can still happen when you are reading this vlog.

Will it be done otherwise Due to which the Jason momou shouted a lot! Now it takes a while to speak!

Recently Peter safran will have any meeting with James Gan, out of which the brother shouted a lot after coming out. Now there is a rate in speaking because this should be a scandal, this guy was last year! Some time ago it Was it this thing that said that he or she then said again if it is not there then he was not talking about DC so It has become very good, now if you people listen, then smoke starts coming out of your ears, oh that’s all!

What’s the matter, then he said that look, Aquaman is very close to my heart and you guys should see me while playing the role, but it does not mean that I cannot be updated in the second role, so it is clearly hinting are they able to have an affair in the role of lobo.

He has been asked in some show to beg that like Aquaman 2 there is going to be light on comedy in Aquaman 3 too, so he said that no, I don’t think Aquaman 3 may have a little bit of dermatics. Gave dreams to the new universe! SEZ is also under process. It Means! may be roast is another name of the year cheap news here we have less to bring news to you the person in front said something, we tell you the same thing.

You guys also take a little care if you want, you can find spoilers everywhere.

By Vikram

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